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Axco Regulatory Alerts: Non-life and life: CIMA digital insurance regulation further delayed due to COVID-19

Publication of CIMA regulation on digital insurance (in prior discussions referred to as regulation on e-commerce and electronic insurance), expected for several years, has been delayed again because of the need to align it with planned changes to existing microinsurance regulation designed to encourage the establishment of specialist microinsurers. Draft regulation was to be discussed in the first quarter of 2020, but this was delayed due to COVID-19 and there is currently no timeline for its implementation.

Axco Flashpoints: Emerging Market Debt, Oil Exporters and Conspiracy Theories

Axco’s Global Risk Intelligence and Data (GRID) team monitors emerging risks around the world, particularly those which affect the strategic activities of governments, companies and individuals. Read on for highlights of Axco’s global analysis of significant geopolitical developments, and possible implications for core insurance and risk management markets.


Spotlight: Michael Butt, Chairman of the Board, AXIS Capital Holdings Limited | 2019 Hall of Fame Laureate

What are you most proud of accomplishing in your career?
I am most proud of turning two ideas into reality. The first was Mid-Ocean Reinsurance in 1992 (which became XL Re) and the second is AXIS in 2002 which became the great company it is today. I am also proud of, in the process, helping make Bermuda a world center for (re)insurance.


RGA Leaders of Tomorrow Spotlight: Lawrence Cheng, Managing Director, Peak RE

What is the most important thing you learned from your LOT mentor?

GCIE Focus: Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) Graduate School of Global Insurance and Pension

Sungkyunkwan University is a top tier university in Korea with global ranking 100, and the Graduate School of Global Insurance and Pension is the first graduate school providing specialist programs, perceived also as one of the best quality graduate schools in SKKU.

Insight on the Coronavirus, China Insurance Market and the Future

Chris Wei, Executive Chairman, Asia & FPI and Global Chairman, Aviva Digital


Lead Story: Global Concerns Survey: Social & Environmental

Michael Morrissey, President & CEO, International Insurance Society, Inc.


Last month we presented our first report on the joint IIS and Institutes’ Global Concerns Survey of senior insurance company executives and other industry thought leaders.   The objective of this annual effort is to examine “what keeps insurance CEOs up at night”.  After delving into the survey’s responses on Economic Concerns in the last edition, we share results in May on Social & Environmental (S&E) Concerns.

Hall of Fame Laureate Spotlight: Denis Kessler, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, SCOR

What is the biggest challenge facing the industry in the next decade?
The ongoing technological developments – such as artificial intelligence (AI), robots, e-processing, big data and multi-cloud – represent the biggest challenge facing the industry, even though they also create opportunities. They will have far-reaching consequences for (re)insurers.

GCIE Focus: University of Alabama - Culverhouse College of Business

The University of Alabama has a proud heritage of teaching Risk Management, Insurance & Financial Services (RMI) and Actuarial Science (AS).  The first insurance course was taught here in 1921, only five years after Dr. Solomon S. Huebner taught the first university course in the subject.  Students have been qualifying for actuarial designations for decades and in 2007 a formal actuarial science program was established. Beginning in fall 2019 students may elect to take a newly established minor in RMI or in AS.