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Regulatory Technology – the changing landscape

IIS Executive Insights Cyber Expert: David Piesse, CEO, DP88




When is insurance not insurance?

IIS Executive Insights Regulation Expert: William Marcoux, WCM Advisory LLC

Insurance laws and regulations govern the activities of those who distribute, underwrite and in some instances service insurance products.   A key provision of these laws is the definition of what is insurance or what constitutes doing the business of insurance.  In the US, a typical definition of insurance is found in section 1101 of the New York Insurance Law.  It reads:

Has Life Insurance Really Changed in the Past 30 Years?

IIS Executive Insights Life & Health Expert: Ronald Klein, Executive Director, BILTIR


Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services Index: measuring the value of nature

The Swiss Re Institute Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (BES) Index assesses which economic sectors are most reliant on nature and evaluates the exposure each country has to BES decline.