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Axco Flashpoints: Geopolitical Developments

One of the main roles of Axco’s Global Risk Intelligence and Data (GRID) team is to monitor emerging risks around the world, particularly those which affect the strategic activities of governments, companies and individuals. Each month, the GRID team newsletter will offer you recent highlights of our global analysis of significant geopolitical developments, and possible implications for Axco’s core insurance and risk management markets.

Joan Lamm-Tennant, CEO of Blue Marble Microinsurance provides insight on providing socially impactful, commercially viable insurance protection through programs that deliver risk protection to the underserved

While the banking sector has made significant progress extending access to credit and savings to the 3 billion people in the emerging middle class, this population remains particularly vulnerable to risk but lacks effective safety nets, such as insurance. The estimated size of the microinsurance market is 3-4 billion policies and $30-40 billion in annual premium revenue.

Lead Story: Global Concerns Survey: The Economic "Black Swan"

Michael Morrissey, President & CEO, International Insurance Society, Inc.

Each year the IIS and The Institutes conduct a Global Concerns Survey, an evaluation of the issues that keep insurance CEOs awake at night.  This survey derives its results from senior life and nonlife executives, brokers, consultants, law firms and other industry thought leaders from every geographic sector of the insurance world.  The survey’s outcomes are therefore a valuable measure of industry concerns and priorities.

Breaking Ground - Sitting Judgment

IIS Executive Insights Regulation Expert: Bill Marcoux, WCM Advisory LLC


John S. Bickley Founder's Award Spotlight: Andrew Kuper, Founder & CEO of Leapfrog Investment

Andrew Kuper shares his insight on the biggest opportunity facing the industry and the proudest accomplishment in his career.

RGA Leaders of Tomorrow Spotlight: Carmony Wong, Senior Vice President, Head of Hong Kong and High Net Worth with RGA

Carmony Wong shares her insight on being a Leader of Tomorrow.

What did being named an RGA Leader of Tomorrow mean to you?
It was a great surprise and honor, but most importantly, it confirmed that my paper was of value to others. The paper enabled me to share the learnings of my career journey, from starting as a female scientist to leading a team and managing a business. I wanted to help my fellow industry colleagues avoid feeling so alone in their journey as I sometimes felt over the past 20 years.

GCIE Focus: Universität Hamburg

The Universität Hamburg has a longstanding history of nationally and internationally renowned scholarship in risk and insurance research and education with a tradition reaching back until for more than hundred years. Insurance related research and teaching is bundled in the Hamburg Center for Insurance Research (HZV – Hamburger Zentrum für Versicherungswissenschaft) which is an interdisciplinary center consisting of business, law and actuarial science faculty.

Axco Flashpoints: Top Geopolitical Risks of 2020

In our third annual review of the geopolitical risks facing businesses and investors, the Global Risk Intelligence and Data team review their predictions for 2019 and look ahead to a year that promises continued shifts in power, values and technology that will reverberate through global markets.

Muni market climate risk: Hidden perils, untapped opportunities

Multi-Asset Insurance Strategist Tim Antonelli, CFA, FRM, recently conducted some climate research and co-authored a Wellington whitepaper titled “Muni market climate risk: Hidden perils, untapped opportunities (ARG1)”  In this interview, Tim offers some of his  key takeaways for insurers


The Insurance Industry's Innovation Challenge

White Paper by The Institutes