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Business To The Rescue: Insurance For Reef Restoration

The idea of investing in green infrastructure—nature itself—is gaining momentum.  Read More...

Insuring Nature to Ensure a Resilient Future

What’s happening on a 60-kilometer stretch of coastline on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula may change how the world values its coral reefs.  Read More ...

An Examination of the Geographic Aggregation of Catastrophic Risk

The debate in the United States about establishing a mechanism for insuring catastrophic wind risk at the national level has been ongoing and pre-dates the substantial losses from the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons. 

The Role of Insurance in Reducing Losses from Extreme Events: The Need for Public–Private Partnerships

This paper describes the challenges that consumers, insurers and insurance regulators face in dealing with insurance for low-probability, high-consequence events.

Overcoming Barriers to Microinsurance Adoption: Evidence from the Field

This paper provides an overview of the academic literature on microinsurance adoption in emerging markets, with a particular emphasis on randomised control trials. I discuss what we know, what we can reasonably hope to know using the extensive work on microcredit as a comparator, and what the available evidence implies for public policy.