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FT Asia Insurance Summit

Asia’s insurance sector has shown deep potential. Rising incomes, favourable demographic patterns and markets yet to be fully explored have made the region attractive to insurers and investors, both domestic and international. But the new decade has started on a challenging note. The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak has upended the insurance business, along with others, dramatically compounding the ill-effects of US-China trade tensions and a global economic slowdown.

Cyber Uncertainty During a Global Pandemic: Exploring RMI Implications

Both online activity and cyber-attacks have increased since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to numerous sources.   Public policymakers face myriad questions related to risk management and insurance, which have come to the fore as a result of these increases.

IDF Roundtable: Insuring Systemic Resilience

This roundtable discussion brings together leading public and private sector figures to address crucial intersections between climate risk, pandemic risk, and financial resilience. The triple crises of COVID-19, climate change and the global economic downturn have already exposed protection gaps more significant than have ever been quantifiable before. Despite the immense challenge, the world has also witnessed unprecedented mobilisation of emergency resources across both the developed and developing world.

World Risk and Insurance Economics Congress (WRIEC)

Held only once every five years, The World Risk and Insurance Economics Congress (WRIEC), is a can’t miss industry-leading event representing a joint effort of the American Risk and Insurance Association (ARIA), Asia-Pacific Risk and Insurance Association (APRIA), the European Group of Risk and Insurance Economists (EGRIE) and The Geneva Association.

Auto Insurance USA Virtual Summit

Secure your future today: Develop Carrier-OEM-supply chain collaboration, deliver seamless transportation solutions through connectivity and develop models that provide customer choice, safety and security Auto Insurance USA: The Virtual Summit (July 28-29).

ELEKS TechTalk Regulating Innovation: Moving Target of Insurtech

On Thursday 16th July, the next TechTalk in the series – Regulating Innovation: The Moving Target of Insurtech – will feature an hour-long panel discussion with insurance experts Eric Nordman from NAIC, Les Williams from Risk Cooperative, CEO of Luftronix, Klaus SonnenleitAnouar Ouali Alami – founder and CEO of Anfa Square, and 

Insurance, Digital Collaboration and the New Normal

In the past, Insurers have been able to get by on their ecosystems based on relationships and trust. Now these old operating foundations are threatened because 'business as usual' is currently on hold and will be different in the 'new normal.' Insurers are being forced to adopt digital working practices at speed, including work from home for their employees, while under operational pressure to serve their customers and protect their businesses for the future.

Thought Leadership Panel:

China Insurance Digital & AI Development 2020 (CIDA2020)

In recent years, with the in-depth development of insurance technology, the industry opportunities of insurance science and technology are gradually divided into two games. At present, scientific and technological innovation, one of the most important competitive elements in the asia-pacific financial and insurance field, is bound to become more intense and interesting.

The Future of Insurance USA

Connected Insurance USA is bringing the leaders from across the insurance organization to seize the opportunity and become an agile, customer-centric and digitally transformed carrier.

Since the year 1700, 50 percent of the Fortune 500 companies have disappeared as they failed to stay relevant and competitive in the digital economy.

The time’s up for siloed thinking and siloed structures. Outdated products and clunky service are no longer acceptable.

The Future of Risk - Virtual Conference April 2-3, 2020

Don’t miss 12 sessions over two days focused on digital disruption, emerging risk & business models, and innovation & risk all from the comfort of your home office or living room.