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Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2019

Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2019 is designed to be a must-attend annual gathering in Asia Pacific focusing on “insurance analytics and AI” for global and regional insurance industry players to share and discuss how data analytics and AI reshape the whole insurance value chain.

20th Asia Conference on Bancassurance and Alternative Distribution Channels

Power of Two: Boosting Sales Through Customer Engagement & Tech. Using AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Fintech & Martech to Stay Ahead of the Game in the New World of Disruption & Innovation

Asia InsurTech Summit 2019

Insurers can no longer afford to work exclusively with traditional partners in today’s digital economy; they must seek other avenues – such as e-commerce and the sharing economy – and adapt to the new reality.

14th Asia Conference on Healthcare and Health Insurance

From Healthcare to Health: Where Do Insurers Fit? Can insurers be in the driving seat to promote healthy living?

Global InsurTech Leaders 2019

Digitization, Interconnection, Intellectualization

The Global InsurTech Leaders 2019 aims to focus on the frontier of insurance technology with industry leaders and discuss how to use Internet, Big Data, Cloud Computing, AI, Internet of Things, Blockchain and other emerging technologies to build an insurance digital ecosystem, to explore new Internet insurance business models, to deploy insurance intelligent strategy, and to lead the development of insurance technology in the new era!

World Pensions Forum

LT Investment: Pensions, SWFs and Insurers Transforming the World Economy

The 2019 World Pensions Forum will focus more particularly on pension and insurance investment, financial regulation & risk management in the new ‘Geoeconomic Era’ characterized by mounting trade tensions, renewed regional rivalries, monetary imbalances and cyber-risks.