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Yusun Jeong

Credit Analyst
Kyobo Life Insurance Company

Yusun Jeong a credit analyst of the Investment Analysis Team of Kyobo Life Insurance Co. Kyobo Life Insurance Co. is one of the top 3 life insurance companies in South Korea.

As a credit analyst, Yusun performs the role of identifying risk/return profiles of potential investment opportunities, assigning internal credit ratings and investment limits, and presenting to Credit Committee. She analyzes companies in most of the existing sectors from consumer sectors to financial institutions throughout 12 years of her experience.

Yusun also has worked to develop investment policies in the last few years. She developed and amended investment guidelines for foreign bonds investment and studied the latest insurance regulation development and implemented it into investment decisions.

Recently, she moved to Kyobo Life Asset Management America, which is one of Kyobo Life Insurance Co.’s subsidiaries and manages the US credit bonds portfolio. She provides oversight on overall credit adequacy of up-to-date investment portfolio risk profiles. Besides her main role, she also helps real estate investments by collecting market opinions from global asset managers and participating due diligence or site visits on behalf of real estate analysts in Seoul.