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Year Established: 2011

Host Institution: National Chengchi University (Taipei)

A platform among regulators, academia, and practitioners of the financial services industries with the focus on insurance industries and pensions; Promotion of the interactions between the insurance academia of Taiwan and those of other countries.

Areas of Research: Comprehensive aspects of risk management and insurance including economics, finance, management and law.

Other Activities: Seminars, workshops and conferences (every month on average); Invitation of renowned scholars; Assistance for Taiwan scholars to publish in top insurance/finance/economics journals.

Recent Publications:
Modeling Multi-country Mortality Dependence and Its Application in Pricing Survivor Index Swaps—A Dynamic Copula Approach.

Pricing Guaranteed Minimum Lifetime Withdrawal Benefits with Various Provisions under Investment, Interest Rate and Mortality Risks .

Hidden Regret in Insurance Markets.

Information Problems in Bancassurance: Empirical Evidence Based on a Comparison Between Over-the-counter and Telephone Marketing Customers.

Effects of Stochastic Volatility and Demand Pressure on Monotonicity Property Violations.

Contact Person: Stacy Y.C. Chuang, Secretary General