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Insurtech elevate asia

InsurTech Elevate Asia

Date: July 3 - 6, 2018
Venue: Singapore
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Program Theme: : InsurTech trends, innovation and regulatory issues

Program Description: InsurTech Elevate Asia brings to market real-life case studies, opportunities for partnerships and collaboration, technical and regulatory solutions needed, and most importantly, how to get your digital strategy off the ground. The conference will also examine emerging issues from the latest developments in InsurTech, such as telematics, blockchain, connected insurance and applications of the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as the use of big data in generating insights for product development and optimising value chains.

The conference will feature case studies and evaluation of InsurTech pilot programs and digital transformation as well as the latest government perspectives on regulatory frameworks surrounding the adoption of Insurtech. Strategies used to leverage data to drive various components of the value chain will also discussed.

Attendees can expect industry panels on effectively harnessing opportunities created by InsurTech and digitalization, and keynote sessions focusing on emerging technologies, what is getting attention from insurers, innovation and collaboration models in the sharing economy.