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InsurTech Asia Summit 2019

InsurTech Asia Summit 2019

Duxes Information & Technology is pleased to announce that the inaugural InsurTech Asia Summit 2019 will take place this year from December 5-6 in Singapore, offering industry professionals from around globe the opportunity to gain valuable insights into this exciting, fast-changing sector of the insurance market.

Over the course of two days, the summit will analyze key InsurTech markets throughout the region, including in China, Southeast Asia, and India, with an emphasis on government policies and prospects for future growth. Additional content will break down life, health, auto, and trade credit insurance sectors, and improvements to efficiency, optimizing operations and serving customers.

What you will Learn? (highlights)

  1. How to develop your business through the One Belt One Road initiative
  2. In-depth statistical analysis of the Asia InsurTech and insurance markets, and future trends
  3. The latest on how internet insurance has revolutionized the entire insurance value chain
  4. Product innovation enabled by big data and new sales channels
  5. Corporate security and compliance practices detailed by industry peers
  6. How InsurTech and emerging technologies could revolutionize the insurance industry
  7. What benefits insurance can obtain from InsurTech
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