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Georgia State University

Georgia State University

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University website: WWW.GSU.EDU

Country: USA

While many business schools with risk management programs typically focus exclusively on insurance, GSU’s Robinson College of Business’ view is much broader. Our curriculum exposes students to financial concepts in all markets where risk trades, including insurance markets and capital markets, and through explicit and implicit contracts. This broader focus deepens our students’ understanding and appreciation for the opportunities and challenges of a career in risk management. In addition, this education experience makes our graduates more attractive and valuable to prospective employers and is consistent with job descriptions of those working in the risk management industry.

Degrees offered:
B.B.A. in Risk Management & Insurance

B.B.A. in Actuary Science
Masters in Actuary Science
M.S. in Analytics
M.S. in Quantitative Risk Management
Ph.D. in Risk Management & Insurance

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Ajay Subramanian, Chair, Department of Risk Management & Insurance

Phone: 404-413-7483

John P. Thielman, Associate Chair, Department of Risk Management & Insurance
Phone: 404-413-7457