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Global InsurTech Leaders 2019

Digitization, Interconnection, Intellectualization

The Global InsurTech Leaders 2019 aims to focus on the frontier of insurance technology with industry leaders and discuss how to use Internet, Big Data, Cloud Computing, AI, Internet of Things, Blockchain and other emerging technologies to build an insurance digital ecosystem, to explore new Internet insurance business models, to deploy insurance intelligent strategy, and to lead the development of insurance technology in the new era!

Hot Topics:

  • The development of insurance technology and the reform of regulators
  • Innovation and practice of global insurance technology
  • Building a digital development ecosystem
  • Improve customer experience, create differentiated service capability
  • Insurance business innovation guided by Internet thinking
  • Reform and innovation of auto insurance in the age of everything Internet
  • The traffic and conversion of Internet platform, mining big data value
  • The new ecosystem of health insurance in the Internet age
  • Application status of Blockchain, Big Data and AI
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