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Eduardo Godoy Pascal

Eduardo Godoy Pascal

Head of LongTerm Life Insurance Unit
GNP Seguros

Eduardo Godoy Pascal leads the life insurance actuarial team. He is responsible for calculating prices, reserves, ensuring business profitability and leading the business to the strategic goals planned in Grupo Nacional Provincial S.A.B. GNP is the leading insurance company in Mexico, determined to maintain its position by providing the best products and services to Mexican families.

Eduardo has been working at GNP since 2009. In his early days, he worked in the statistics, reserves and reinsurance areas of long-term life insurance. For 3 years, because of the strengthening of the Corporate Governance, due to the implementation of Solvency II regulation in Mexico, he developed the Internal Actuarial Audit Unit (short term life, auto and health insurance).

In 2018, Eduardo returned to the actuarial life team to direct the update of the actuarial assumptions and models for different purposes, leading the Long Term Life Insurance unit since 2019.