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As the pandemic and Ukrainian war have sent inflation soaring, central banks have had to consider their response. Combating supply-driven inflation requires a different approach to the demand-driven problems of the past. In BlackRock's 11th annual Global Insurance Report, 370 senior industry executives were surveyed to find out how the changing world is shaping insurers' actions and strategic thinking. This webinar series will explore the key themes that were identified in this year's report.

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Lyenda Delp, Managing Director, Head of BlackRock's Financial Institutions Group (FIG) - Americas and Christopher Castaldo, CFO of QBE - North America in conversation on the transformative shifts taking place across the global insurance industry. They focus on confronting market volatility and uncertainty, the impacts of climate change on policyholders and local communities, and the importance of digital transformation to an enterprise's overall success.

Mark Azzopardi, Global Head of Insurance Solutions, BlackRock and Anna Khazen, Head of BlackRock's Financial Institutions Group - EMEA, discuss this new era of market volatility, and how insurers are updating their enterprise strategy as a result. In response to challenging consideration, insurers within BlackRock's Global Insurance survey indicate they plan to re-examine their strategic asset allocation.

Kunal Khara, Global Head of Financial Institutions for Aladdin and Mark Erickson, BlackRock's Global Head of Business Strategy for Financial Institutions, explore the role technology will play in the insurance industry in the next few years and how institutional investors have utilized data and analytics for investment management.