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Asia InsurTech & AI Summit 2020

Asia InsurTech & AI Summit 2020

The insurance ecosystem is experiencing growth and innovation like never before. Last year alone, US$7 billion was invested in InsurTech which has risen beyond the hype to become a mainstay in the business making heads turn. Some US$75billion is expected to be invested in the next five years as every big investor eyes a slice of the $5trilion global gross premiums. The numbers are big.

But most insurers remain focused on enhancing legacy systems, products and business models while just tinkering with disruptions. It is the InsurTech brigade that is forcing insurers to sit up and rethink the business models. Some insurers are rising fast to get to ahead of the tech curve to get technology to drive their business. And this is not a pipe dream as already there are digital insurers and traditional insurers who are using tech to get more customer-centric and win new business and customers. Competition is intensifying as insurers are jostling for position with big tech and super apps on board. Will everyone getting a fair slice of this multibillion pie? Are you as insurer ready? Are you as InsurTech or startup ready to dazzle the crowd or change the packing order?

Join us for our 5th Asia InsurTech and AI Summit to meet insurers, founders, investors, and experts that are spearheading the industry’s digital transformation and shaping the future of the insurance ecosystem. This curated panel of experts will each share their unique perspectives on the current state of InsurTech, where the industry is headed, as well as how to gear up for scale in the competitive insurance landscape.

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