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RGA Leaders of Tomorrow Spotlight: Elaine George, Digital IoT Operations Division, Chubb

RGA Leaders of Tomorrow Spotlight: Elaine George, Digital IoT Operations Division, Chubb

What did being named an RGA Leader of Tomorrow mean to you? 

I was surprised at being nominated. People have mentioned the importance of having a mentor and being named an RGA Leader of Tomorrow made me realize that I was assigned an amazing, talented executive as a mentor. This process reminded me that you never know when you might be making an impression on someone. It also allowed me to connect with people in my network with whom I had lost touch. Friends, colleagues, and acquaintances from all over the world reached out to say congratulations. During the height of COVID, it was wonderful to reconnect with so many people.

How did participating in the LOT program contribute to your career development?

It was extremely beneficial to my career development. Just as I became a RGA Leader of Tomorrow, I had began a new phase of my career in the newly formed Internet of Things (IoT) department at Chubb. My mentor, Kumjoo Huh, is a brilliant, well respected insurance executive in South Korea and understands technology/e-commerce. She recommended that I write my paper on the topic “O2O” – a term which means “online to offline” and “offline to online.” It deals with how technology is changing the retail industry for both goods and services.  It played right into IoT and really helped me understand how IoT will impact our lives and the insurance industry.  I wish I spent more time on the paper with Kumjoo to take advantage of her insightful experience. She is very impressive.

What’s the most important thing you learned from your LOT mentor?

I learned from Kumjoo that execution is key. One can have the grandest of ideas, but unless you can execute a plan, there are no results. I was also incredibly fortunate that she conducted a Birkman test on my personality. I learned a few things about my strength, natural tendencies, and weaknesses. I am utilizing the Birkman information to help me in my career development.

How can the industry and/or companies better foster the career development of young professionals?

I think the industry and companies are doing a fair amount now, but of course, there is always room for improvement. To help foster the development of everyone in an organization, it's powerful when younger professionals are teamed up with experienced professionals and they can learn directly from each other.  Contrary to a formal program where folks are simply checking boxes, instead create a working culture where there is mutual respect for the knowledge and creativity each group brings to the table. I believe that regardless of age, we need to keep learning.