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Kyobo Life Insurance Company, one of the largest life insurers in South Korea, was founded in 1958 based on the philosophy of "Promotion of Education" and "Formation of National Capital" that are believed by the founder of the company Mr Yong-ho Shin as the 2 fundamental elements for sustainability and the country’s future.

The company’s initial product, as well as recognised as the first education insurance plan in the world, was the insightful creation based on the company’s founding philosophy and commitment to the society, and has become the unique brand of the company.

After 62 years’ continuous development, the company has grown to be a group consists of Life Insurance, Securities, Investment Management, IT Services, Real Estate and businesses that supports the function of financial services, and Korea’s signature online / offline Book Centre.

In FY 2021, Kyobo Life recorded total asset of USD 113.8 billion and premium income of USD 14.1 billion, exhibiting healthy volume growth at 11.7% YOY.

As one of the financial soundness criteria, the company’s solvency margin ratio is 266.6%. In proof of its financial stability, Kyobo Life has been given the highest credit ratings in Korea that are A1 by Moody's and A+ by Fitch respectively.