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3rd Myanmar Insurance Summit

3rd Myanmar Insurance Summit

With Myanmar’s insurance market finally open to foreign competitors, the country represents an ideal case study on insurance reform and liberalisation to serve the growing needs of the dynamic economy and the role of insurance in today’s era of technology.

Myanmar is one of the last frontiers presenting enormous opportunities as the insurance sector is predicted to hit at least $2bn in premiums by 2030. So it is a key attraction for all. As the market gears up to face the brave new world developing its life and non-life insurance, reinsurance, regulation, InsurTech, distribution including bancassurance segments and its suite of insurance-related services including loss adjusting, legal and actuarial expertise, opportunities beckon for both the local and the international community.

With the success of the two Myanmar Insurance Summit in 2014 & 2018, Asia Insurance Review is taking up this challenge to host the 3rd Myanmar Insurance Summit from 27-28 April 2020 at Yangon, with support from the Ministry of Finance of Myanmar and Myanma Insurance.

This Summit is aimed at helping local and foreign players maximise their potential in the market as well as bring leading experts and industry leaders together to provide a comprehensive analysis of the insurance landscape in Myanmar today.

Aside from looking at critical issues, major challenges and opportunities in the growing market which is still under penetrated in insurance, the two-day Summit will provide a good platform for local companies to come forward to make their pitch on their strengths and expertise in the market as well as to showcase the Myanmar insurance sector now and for the future.

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Sule Shangri-La, Yangon, Myanmar
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