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14th Asia Conference on Healthcare and Health Insurance

14th Asia Conference on Healthcare and Health Insurance

From Healthcare to Health: Where Do Insurers Fit? Can insurers be in the driving seat to promote healthy living?

The Asia Healthcare Insurance Conference 2019 will look at the revolution in healthcare and highlight the niche roles for insurers in promoting healthy living as part of the insurance process in cost containment, sustainability and staying relevant. The Conference will explore the diverse possibilities in healthcare and most importantly, to develop a systematic approach to revolutionize technologies in the various sectors of the healthcare ecosystem with governments, insurers, reinsurers, brokers, providers, pharmas, TPAs and innovators.

The two-day conference will discuss the megatrends shaping the health insurance industry; healthcare reforms in a new economy with changing nature of workforce in the mobile era; developing a superior claims management and underwriting system; health data collection, protection, and privacy issues; and the immense opportunities of using AI, IoT, blockchain, deeptech and healthtech to accelerate strategies and synergies for growth.

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Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore
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