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Insurance Investment Summit

After a decade of low interest rates and loose money supply, asset managers within Asia’s insurance businesses now have become used to asset bubbles and bumpy equity markets that are being rattled by unpredictable oil prices and the continuing prospect of a US-China trade war.

13th Asian Insurance CFO Summit 2019

The role of the CFO has evolved significantly as they are expected to make critical decisions on business performance, transformative projects and strategic judgements on all aspects of the business.

The unstable and fast-changing economic environment will definitely make the role of CFOs more challenging. Join us at the 13th Asian Insurance CFO Summit 2019 to find out how to prepare for the challenges ahead.

4th Asia Cyber Risk Summit

Cyber is ranked the top risk of the day with digital rising and almost everyone owning a smartphone with risk assessed related to cybercrime to hit US$6 trillion by 2021. The arms race in cybersecurity is getting more intense than ever! The greatest challenge organizations and governments are facing today is keeping up with the ever evolving cyber risk landscape. What actions are you taking to manage cyber & business interruption risks that may get bigger than catastrophes?

Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2019

Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2019 is designed to be a must-attend annual gathering in Asia Pacific focusing on “insurance analytics and AI” for global and regional insurance industry players to share and discuss how data analytics and AI reshape the whole insurance value chain.

Global InsurTech Leaders 2019

Digitization, Interconnection, Intellectualization

The Global InsurTech Leaders 2019 aims to focus on the frontier of insurance technology with industry leaders and discuss how to use Internet, Big Data, Cloud Computing, AI, Internet of Things, Blockchain and other emerging technologies to build an insurance digital ecosystem, to explore new Internet insurance business models, to deploy insurance intelligent strategy, and to lead the development of insurance technology in the new era!

World Pensions Forum

LT Investment: Pensions, SWFs and Insurers Transforming the World Economy

The 2019 World Pensions Forum will focus more particularly on pension and insurance investment, financial regulation & risk management in the new ‘Geoeconomic Era’ characterized by mounting trade tensions, renewed regional rivalries, monetary imbalances and cyber-risks.

Africa Insurance & Reinsurance Conference

Innovations Disrupting the Insurance Industry - 2019 and beyond

Whether you are an Insurance or Reinsurance Company executive, a broker, a regulator, a risk-manager or an industry partner, AIRC is designed to address the many diverse and complex issues facing leaders in the sector.

European Consumer Protection Conference 2019

Event to be held May 17, 2019 in Bucharest, Romania

Connected Claims USA Summit

Connected Claims USA (June 5th & 6th, Chicago) is the only forum discussing the technologies and strategies shaping the future of claims. The insurance industry is entering an age of disruption and digital transformation, and as both the moment of truth for fulfilling the customer promise, and a significant cost center, claims is a priority for transformation.