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Thought leadership supporting innovative solutions for sustainable risk management
The Insurance All-Rounder How to make a New Age Insurance Executive

Thoughtful insurance industry CEOs are always looking for innovative and effective ways to attract, develop and retain top talent.

Improving Communication in the Insurance Industry

Insurance is complicated, so there will always be challenges explaining how it works. 

Insurability of Cyber Risk

This paper discusses the adequacy of insurance for managing cyber risk. To this end, we extract 994 cases of cyber losses from an operational risk database and analyse their statistical properties.

Fair Valuation and Risk Assessment of Dynamic Hybrid Products in Life Insurance: A Portfolio Consideration

Dynamic hybrid products are innovative life insurance products particularly offered in the German market and intended to meet new consumer needs regarding stability and upside potential.

Digitalization Turning an opportunity into competitive advantage

“Digital” is becoming a top priority for many CEOs and certainly one of the trendiest buzz-words at the moment. 

When “Googlism” Meets Confucianism in a Reinsurance Company

Google is one of the world’s important innovators and a major influencer of our culture. Confucius lived 2,500 years ago, yet his philosophy still exerts a significant influence over Asian culture. Many in our industry are focused on innovation. 

The Blockchain Revolution - Insurance Considerations

Blockchain technologies could revolutionize the global economy. As a fast paced emerging technology, there is little doubt that it offers enormous potential, however hurdles remain before that potential can be realized. 

Potential Use of Drone’s in Property Risk Consulting

Use of drones or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) is increasing as the technology keeps evolving. 

Risks of the New Era

Emerging technologies present fascinating opportunities, but as with all new developments, they also create challenges.