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The Natural Catastrophe Protection Gap: Measurement, root causes and ways of addressing underinsurance for extreme events

The global property protection gap in natural catastrophe risk has widened steadily over the past 40 years.

HED: Megacities in Asia: Responding to Risks - Securing Prosperity

Being defined as urban areas exceeding 10 million inhabitants, megacities accumulate impressive physical, human and intellectual resources.

Global Risks Watch 2018

What are the biggest risks that individuals, businesses and governments face in the year ahead, and beyond?

Pension De-Risking Outlook for Canada The Role of Reinsurance

Defined benefit pension plans are excellent retirement savings vehicles for employees but can submit employers to significant risks, which are usually outside the scope of their core expertise and mission.

An index isn't a fiduciary — and six other concerns about the push for passive
Passive investments based on market-cap-weighted indexes have an undeniable appeal.
Asset allocation analysis for insurers

In recent years, the Insurance Group at Wellington Management has seen a growing number of insurers express an interest in undertaking a strategic asset allocation (AA) study.

A Meaningful Industry: Internal Customers and Promoters
The insurance industry in the United States employs 2.4 million people and paid out over $400 billion in benefits in 2013 (life and annuity).1 The life insurance industry is relevant.
Attracting New Talent to the Insurance Industry

Worldwide, the insurance industry fails to attract new recruits to its gates. 

New Insurance Leader Manifesto
Accelerate your strategy development