IIS Thought Center Digest No. 92 - March 15 2017

Will the ‘Rise of the Machines’ Require a Unique Human Response?

Automation anxieties have accelerated in recent years, as our increasingly smart machines are now being applied to activities requiring cognitive, physical and social capabilities that not long ago were viewed as the exclusive domain of humans. Concerns surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and its long-term impact may well be in a class by themselves.

Global risk management survey, 10th edition

​While many organizations continue to enhance their risk management practices worldwide, this year's survey revealed that leaders are focused on the regulatory impact of recent geopolitical shifts and questioning what's coming next. We are pleased to present the 10th edition of Global risk management survey.

Time for insurance companies to face digital reality

Regulation, product complexity, and insurers’ large balance sheets have kept digital attackers from insurers’ gates. That is changing, but in ways incumbents should embrace. They can flourish in the digital age—if they move swiftly and decisively. Digital technology destroys value.

How behavioral economics can improve well-being

We had an incredible experience last month with the opportunity to present groundbreaking new research at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. The peaceful backdrop and healthy mountain air was the perfect environment in which to share and collaborate on how to help people get and stay healthier.