Shin Research Excellence Awards


In partnership, the IIS and The Geneva Association have combined efforts to achieve a broad global reach for prominent practical insurance research. The joint research program, which is endowed by Kyobo Life Insurance Company, was established to promote practically oriented, applied research in the field of insurance and risk management, addressing topics which directly influence business operations. Under this program, research proposals are submitted from leading academics worldwide and selected and refereed by a panel of distinguished judges, represented by insurance experts and industry scholars.


The selected Shin Research Scholars present their research during the IIS Global Insurance Forum which is attended by 500+ senior insurance leaders from around the globe. It is also published in The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance and distributed by the IIS and The Geneva Association.



Thomas Holzheu and Ginger Turner of Swiss Re

“The Natural Catastrophe Protection Gap”


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2016 Shin Research Scholar

Dr. Nihar Jangle, Director Climate Change Program, Micro Insurance Academy (MIA) in New Delhi

Climate Cost Of Cultivation

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2015 Shin Research Scholars

Insuring Against Extreme Events: The Need for Private-Public Partnerships
Howard Kunreuther, James G. Dinan Professor, Professor of Operations and Information Management, Professor of Decision Sciences and Business Economics and Public Policy Co-Director, Risk Management and Decision Processes, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania 


Overcoming Barriers to Micro-Insurance Adoption: Evidence from the Field
Shawn Cole, Professor of Business Administration, Finance Unit, Harvard Business School