IIS Insight No. 101 - May 17 2017

Innovation & Technology

I want my robot lawyer

Affecting not only lower skilled work, the impact of artificial intelligence will be disruptive also for many intellectual professions. Let’s see which jobs and why, perhaps, this won’t be such a bad thing. The driverless car has become an obsession of our times. If the car as we know it has been the mass production good par excellence.

Leadership & Development

3 Core Leadership Tasks to Master

Leaders face similar basic responsibilities, whether they are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies or managers of small production teams. To lead a group of any size effectively, you must manage meaning, set the emotional tone, and put people in the right emotional range for their best performance.

Capital Management

Rising interest rates: Nothing to fear but fear itself

In its latest study, Allianz SE and Euler Hermes analyze the impact of monetary normalization on debt service payments of the private sector in the eurozone. In contrast to the public sector (and big companies), the bulk of smaller companies and households cannot shield themselves against rising rates by issuing long-term debt.


How smart thinking can make life better in our cities

Today’s cities are growing at an unprecedented rate. They are now home to the majority of the world’s population and jobs. According to UN predictions, by 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas, up from 54% today. (And that figure rises to 86% for the 35 economically developed countries.)