Global Centers of Insurance Excellence (GCIE)


As part of our commitment to the advancement of the insurance industry, IIS is actively engaged in promoting the industry and its importance in mitigating risk through its vast expertise. To elevate and highlight the importance of risk management education, and to engage future generations in our industry, the IIS has initiated the Global Centers of Insurance Excellence, a certification program for universities and colleges with outstanding Risk Management and Insurance programs, allowing them the opportunity to be recognized and to enhance their connections with the insurance industry.


The aim of the GCIE is to encourage universities to play an integral role in advancing insurance knowledge, to enhance insurance research and intellectual capital development and to build connections between the profession and top-tier academic programs and faculty.


The GCIE designation will be awarded to universities that meet the following stringent criteria:


  • The University must offer a major in the area with a specified minimum of insurance content and business breadth and the program must have faculty in sufficient numbers and quality to service the program.


  • The University must have a sufficient number of program graduates and connections to industry to ensure graduate employment and professional involvement with the program.


  • The University must demonstrate that students are learning primarily from designated full-time faculty with appropriate academic qualifications and research expertise.


The IIS GCIE Evaluation Committee considers applications for the designation.


Submission deadline is March 17, 2017

Please direct any questions to