The IIS, founded in 1965, is the world’s largest and most prestigious industry organization, with members representing global insurance leaders, international regulatory authorities and worldwide insurance scholars from over 90 countries representing all sectors of the industry. Our mission is to facilitate cross-border exchange of ideas, development of global personal networks and to initiate practical and original research addressing critical issues facing the industry through the Shin Research Excellence Awards program.


In conjunction with the annual seminar, the industry's most prestigious honor, the Insurance Hall of Fame Award, is bestowed on recognized industry leaders.  Created at the Griffith Foundation in 1957 by Dr. John S. Bickley, the Insurance Hall of Fame reflected his view that the institution of insurance would greatly benefit by honoring individuals who have enhanced the ability of insurers to serve society. By recognizing innovators, visionaries and leaders, the industry encourages each new generation to higher levels of performance and dedication. The Insurance Hall of Fame also serves as a reminder to the public of the crucial role our industry plays in meeting the security needs of the world’s community.  In addition, the Insurance Hall of Fame Laureates inspire students of insurance around the world, fostering our future insurance leaders.


In 1987 The Insurance Hall of Fame Museum and Gallery was established by the International Insurance Society under the tutelage of Dr. Bickley at the University of Alabama to honor the Insurance Hall of Fame Laureates. The museum, visited by thousands each year houses a collection of memorabilia illustrating the life and careers of Laureates, and displays an extensive selection of original portraits of Hall of Fame Laureates. A smaller collection of portraits, as well as videos depicting Laureate lives and careers, are also featured at the Claire and Joseph Smetana Gallery at St. John’s University in New York City. Information on the Laureates is also available on the Insurance Hall of Fame website www.InsuranceHallofFame.org.


Inclusiveness and diversity are distinguishing characteristics of the IIS which enable us to serve as THE global resource for the insurance community.


Annual Seminar Locations:


1965 Austin
1966 Honolulu
1967 London
1968 Austin
1969 Philadelphia
1970 Tokyo
1971 Berlin
1972 Mexico City
1973 Madrid
1974 Taipei
1975 Beirut (cancelled)
1976 San Francisco
1977 Olso
1978 Manila
1979 Dallas
1980 Paris
1981 Rio de Janeiro
1982 Toronto
1983 Singapore
1984 New Orleans
1985 Vienna
1986 Cairo (changed to Orlando)
1987 Seoul
1988 London
1989 Chicago
1990 Paris
1991 San Francisco
1992 Toronto
1993 Tokyo
1994 Madrid
1995 Washington, D.C.
1996 Amsterdam
1997 Mexico City
1998 Sydney
1999 Berlin
2000 Vancouver,
2001 Vienna
2002 Singapore
2003 New York
2004 London
2005 Hong Kong
2006 Chicago
2007 Berlin
2008 Taipei
2009 Amman
2010 Madrid
2011 Toronto
2012 Rio de Janeiro
2013 Seoul
2014 London