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The mission of the IIS is to shape the future of the global insurance industry as a key contributor to the open dialog on the economic and social development of markets. The IIS provides the forum for insurance executives to engage in active collaboration with all concerned stakeholders.




  • Leaders of Tomorrow

designed to foster the next generation of insurance leaders


  • Junior Executive Program

building accessibility for strategic leadership development


  • Insurance Hall of Fame

the preeminent insurance award honoring leaders whose contributions have made significant benefit to society


  • Founder’s Award for Excellence

honors individuals who have made a significant, lasting and recognized contribution to insurance thought, product, practice or education




  • Global Centers of Insurance Excellence

certification designation for leading insurance academic programs


  • Research Network

key findings from a consortium of leading risk centers


  • Shin Research Program

stimulates original, practical research addressing business issues


  • Research Review

newsletter featuring industry research


  • Leaders of Tomorrow Research

stimulates original research on key trends




  • a public/private partnership led by the insurance industry and supported by international organizations to build greater risk resilience and protection



  • Global Insurance Forum

featuring 500+ leaders representing all industry stakeholders


  • Regional Forums

focusing on key market issues, offering a  global perspective


  • Leadership Exchange

views of leaders, influencers and innovators who are shaping the global insurance industry


  • Communities

affinity groups centered on key industry issues



  • Intelligence

content library of research, reports and updates on key issues


  • Global 100 Stock Index

comprehensive measure of stock performance of top global insurers


  • Regulatory Alerts

updates on statutes across the globe


  • Global Updates & IIS Marketplace

industry newsletter and profiles of corporate advancements


  • Global Statistics & Insurance Market Profiles

customized market reports for over 170 countries