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Promoting Global Growth and Innovation

The VISION of the IIS is to shape the future of the global insurance industry as a key contributor to the open dialog on the economic and social development of markets. The IIS provides the forum for insurance executives to engage in active collaboration with all concerned stakeholders.

The MISSION of the IIS is one of international collaboration.  We bring together key decision makers from the insurance industry to combine their knowledge of regulatory issues, finance, and governance, utilizing world class research as a force to drive global industry growth and innovation. The International Insurance Society facilitates innovation and sustainable development through the integration of global risk management expertise though the following core activities:

Thought Center
With unprecedented economic, environmental, political and social change, it is critical that the voice of society's most well-informed participants be heard. The IIS Thought Center provides a comprehensive Forum for collaborative dialog centered on four pillar categories: Economic Security, Environmental Security, Market Development, and Governance/Regulation. Featuring perspectives and expertise from global thought leaders, the IIS draws from a broad range of stakeholders to assemble and deliver curated content on critical societal issues wherein the industry serves as a key contributor.

Global Dialog
IIS provides a unique forum for the global insurance community to engage in collective dialog and collaboration in support of sustainable development for the broader industry.  Communication channels unique to IIS include dialog with internationally recognized public policy organizations, stimulating constructive Public Private Partnerships; candid dialog with prominent industry leaders delivered through the Leadership Exchange and the IIS Speaker Series; the development, strengthening and expansion of professional peer networks; and charting a platform for the development of the next generation of insurance leaders through the Leaders of Tomorrow mentor program.

Interactivity is core to the IIS mission and activities, culminating with our signature event, the annual Global Insurance Forum.  Considered the industry’s premiere gathering, the Forum draws a diverse and inclusive constituency of more than 500 leaders from close to 50 countries, representing all stakeholders of the industry.  Regional Forums, held across mature and emerging insurance markets, focus on key issues specific to the region, offering global perspective.

Market Insights
IIS Membership includes the world’s most sophisticated risk managers hailing from business, academia, government and policymaking bodies. By widely disseminating their perspectives on key issues, IIS provides competitive advantage to members and elevates performance standards industry wide. Key market insights delivered by IIS include the Global 100 Stock Index, measuring stock performance of top global insurers against global equity securities; Regulatory Alerts, which provide updates on statues across the globe; market summaries and customizable reports for over 170 countries through Global Statistics & Insurance Market Profiles; and notifications on industry happenings and corporate initiatives through the Global Updates newsletter and the IIS Marketplace.